I discovered yoga in the mid ’90s through a dance teacher. This teacher fused both yoga and belly dancing together and the effect it had on me was transformative! Soon after that, I discovered Toronto’s Yoga Space Studio. It was there that I truly fell in love with the practice and became quite dedicated to it. From there, I started exploring a host of other techniques and practices. I’ve spent time training with Doulas, Ayurvedic practitioners, as well as other healers and eventually came upon Thai Massage. I’m fascinated by the science of self-healing and want, always, to learn more and share with others.
A Thai Massage treatment or a yoga session with me can be very mellow, restorative, and soothing. It can also be dynamic and stretchy or even a combination of these elements. Though I teach a variety of styles of yoga, I’m most appreciated for the work I do fusing Restorative Yoga with Thai massage and Aromatherapy.