I first discovered Thai Massage when searching for non-surgical methods to help heal some major back injuries.  I found it incredibly effective and was inspired to look into it further. I became a certified Thai Massage Practitioner at TMT, with Deanna Villa, and continue to train and learn to this day! Through these practices of self awareness and kindness and compassion, real healing can take place.

I get asked all the time what is Thai massage? How is it different from a regular massage?  Best answered by experiencing it for yourself.  That being said, I will tell you a bit about what to expect. Thai massage is done fully clothed, ideally long sleeves and pants that are easy to move and bend in. The clothing keeps your skin from being irritated so we don’t have to use oils. Though, sometimes we use heating or cooling balms as needed. This practice is generally done on the floor, on a mat, instead of a table.  It is very grounding and many people have told me they feel safe being on the ground, lots of room to move and feel supported. The treatment will vary according to what is needed and to address the reasons why the session was booked… can be very stretchy, passive yoga, I do all the work for you. It can be more subtle and gentle, soothing for insomnia or anxiety. We work the energy lines of the body to keep things moving and flowing. I am always open to questions and dialogue. Thai massage is one of my favourite things and I am thrilled to share it with anyone who is curious to try it out as a healing measure or a preventative one.

Contact me if you would like to book a treatment for yourself or a loved one.