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Thai Massage 9am-8:30pm at Pomegranate Grove Guelph by appointment


Hatha Flow Yoga  11am  at Yoga Grove Toronto

Restorative Flow Yoga  4pm  at Yoga Grove Toronto


Thai Massage 10am-5pm at Pomegranate Grove by appointment


Yoga Essentials  11am  at Movati Guelph

Hatha Yoga  12:10pm  at Movati Guelph

Thai Massage at Pomegranate Grove Guelph 6:30-9pm

Fridays & Saturdays: 

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Hatha 11am  (women’s only studio) at Movati Guelph

Thai Massage 2-6pm at Pomegranate Grove Guelph



Also available for Private, Group  or Corporate Sessions:

Thai Massage, Yoga,  Joint Mobilization, Stress & Anxiety Management, Aromatherapy,  Meditation & Yoga Nidra, Limited Mobility, and Pre and Post Natal






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I discovered yoga in the mid ’90s through a dance teacher. This teacher fused both yoga and belly dancing together and the effect it had on me was transformative! Soon after that, I discovered Toronto’s Yoga Space Studio. It was there that I truly fell in love with the practice and became quite dedicated to it. From there, I started exploring a host of other techniques and practices. I’ve spent time training with Doulas, Ayurvedic practitioners, as well as other healers and eventually came upon Thai Massage. I’m fascinated by the science of self-healing and want, always, to learn more and share with others.
A Thai Massage treatment or a yoga session with me can be very mellow, restorative, and soothing. It can also be dynamic and stretchy or even a combination of these elements. Though I teach a variety of styles of yoga, I’m most appreciated for the work I do fusing Restorative Yoga with Thai massage and Aromatherapy.


Through yoga I continue to discover more and more about the connection between form and function, as well as the awareness that mind and body and essence are interconnected and can be honed. I’m ever curious to learn more and share with others. I did my studying at Yoga Space in Toronto where I completed 500 hours of teacher training. Since then I’ve continued to explore and learn from a variety of gurus and other sources.

Some of my teachers include: Kathryn Beet, Bibi Hahn, Patricia White, Hali Shwartz, Matthew Remski, Sasha Pedron, Brenda Bell, Michael Stone, and more.

Have trained with more than one Doula to help me share this practice with pre and post natal yogis and their families. Offer continuing education for yoga teachers with restorative yoga and prenatal focus.  I am known for the work I do with people who have limited mobility, working through injuries, recovering from surgery or illness. There is a practice to suit every body, I am so honoured to get to share this practice with so many courageous people.

I am available for private lessons for small groups or one on one, corporate classes and I also teach regular drop in classes and run workshops in various places. Contact me if you have any interests or inquiries.


I first discovered Thai Massage when searching for non-surgical methods to help heal some major back injuries.  I found it incredibly effective and was inspired to look into it further. I became a certified Thai Massage Practitioner at TMT, with Deanna Villa, and continue to train and learn to this day! Through these practices of self awareness and kindness and compassion, real healing can take place.

I get asked all the time what is Thai massage? How is it different from a regular massage?  Best answered by experiencing it for yourself.  That being said, I will tell you a bit about what to expect. Thai massage is done fully clothed, ideally long sleeves and pants that are easy to move and bend in. The clothing keeps your skin from being irritated so we don’t have to use oils. Though, sometimes we use heating or cooling balms as needed. This practice is generally done on the floor, on a mat, instead of a table.  It is very grounding and many people have told me they feel safe being on the ground, lots of room to move and feel supported. The treatment will vary according to what is needed and to address the reasons why the session was booked… can be very stretchy, passive yoga, I do all the work for you. It can be more subtle and gentle, soothing for insomnia or anxiety. We work the energy lines of the body to keep things moving and flowing. I am always open to questions and dialogue. Thai massage is one of my favourite things and I am thrilled to share it with anyone who is curious to try it out as a healing measure or a preventative one.

Contact me if you would like to book a treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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